CIF Southern Construct

Simon O’Keeffe

Chairman, Cork Branch, Construction Industry Federation (CIF)

Simon O’Keeffe, who runs offsite construction company Post Formed Systems Ltd in Ballincollig, worked in Europe and the US for Nike and Nobel before returning to Ireland where he moved from consumer goods to industrial goods and manufacturing management. A fluent German speaker, he has a masters in International Selling, an Executive MBA from UCC and he is an alumnus of the Timoney Leadership Institute. Post Formed Systems Ltd is an offsite construction company that specialises in hospital and clinic handwash and WC plumbing ducts and commercial building washroom plumbing ducts, cubicles and vanity units. Off-site construction, a growing sector, is the crossover between manufacturing and construction. Post Formed Systems Ltd does the majority of each job in its factory where work can be done more efficiently, in shorter timeframes to more exacting quality standards, with less waste and thus more sustainably. Its made-to-measure products go to site ready to fit thus reducing time onsite and therefore reducing health and safety risks. Post Formed Systems Ltd’s innovation, specialized product range, and project delivery capability place it at the forefront of the construction sector today.

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