7th September 2023
Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork

Building critical infrastructure to create a key global port of the future

The Port of Cork plays a central role for local communities and businesses keeping Ireland connected as part of global supply chains. The Port Masterplan 2050 is adapting to a shifting landscape in port operations and planning its development as a key global port of the future. The port is on a journey towards consolidating its activities to the lower harbour area away from Cork City, due to ever-increasing ship vessel sizes, and creating a “river to sea port”.

Topics will include:

  • • collaborating to enhance the resilience of Cork’s critical infrastructure
  • balancing the development of construction facilities and logistics infrastructure with environmental concerns
  • consideration of the maritime, landside and transport connectivity constraints and opportunities
  • projected market growth in the current commodities served by the port
  • developing opportunities in future cargoes such as offshore wind and green energy fuels
  • how digitalisation of port services and operations will boost efficiency and sustainability in the port

Chief Planner/ Head of Strategic Planning, Land Development Agency (invited)
CEO, Port of Cork Company
Director Capital Programme Management, Transport Infrastructure Ireland

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