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Building critical infrastructure to support the evolution of Cork as a port city

The continued sustainable and prosperous growth of Cork city is intrinsically linked to the evolution of port activity together with the re-use of historic port lands in the city centre to provide for new city neighbourhoods. The Port Masterplan is adapting to a shifting landscape in port operations and planning its development as a key global port of the future. Agencies are working together to unlock the potential of the lands for new housing, economic growth and associated services to support the future growth and prosperity of the city. A key focus now is on critical infrastructure to unlock the potential and catalyse the economic growth in support of Cork’s ambitions as a key global city and port of the future. The panel will discuss:

  • collaborating with key partners to enable and realise the vision for the future
  • expansion of port activity in the lower harbour
  • creation of new neighbourhoods and the role of critical infrastructure in unlocking and catalysing the potential of the docklands and port
  • consideration of the maritime, landside and transport connectivity constraints and opportunities • adopting agile funding and delivery strategies mindful of medium to long-term delivery trajectories and evolving needs
  • developing opportunities in future cargoes such as offshore wind and green energy fuels
  • how digitalisation of port services and operations will boost efficiency and sustainability in the port
Chief Planner/ Head of Strategic Planning, Land Development Agency
CEO, Port of Cork Company
Director Capital Programme Management, Transport Infrastructure Ireland

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