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Updating and modernising our infrastructure plan to account for Cork’s surge in population

Cork is facing a transformational decade as the city enters into an exciting period of development, investment and expansion. As growth in Cork is fuelled by the city’s high levels of foreign direct investment (FDI), with over 200 international companies making Cork their home, a sustainable infrastructure is crucial. Cork needs to ensure a pipeline of key capital infrastructure projects that will enable the region to invest and procure the resources that are required to deliver on the infrastructure outlined in the National Development Plan. It also needs to deliver the infrastructure that is holding up the delivery of much needed residential accommodation throughout the county. One of the biggest obstacles to delivering on infrastructure is the current under-investment in the people, processes and technology that support the planning system. 

This panel will discuss:

  • the importance of the government streamlining processes within planning and delivery bodies in order to expedite infrastructure delivery
  • ensuring a pipeline of key capital infrastructure projects
  • undertaking flood defence systems to protect Cork’s homes and businesses
  • retaining attractiveness for foreign direct investment (FDI) in a challenging international environment
Assistant CEO, Cork City Council
Regional Manager - Southwest Region, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
CEO, Cork County Council

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